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Bund Former

Vishwakarma Agricultural Works designs and produces high-end bunds former tools used to make bunds that prevent water runoff. These tools have been designed with a high level of precision so that they can assist in preventing soil erosion. Using bund formers can help users gather the top soil components or bunds to improve soil fertility. They have got two bund-forming components fitted into a frame. The distance between the multiple bund-forming boards remains sufficient and is more at its front end than at its back.

The bund former devices offered by Vishwakarma Agricultural Works can not only help to form the bunds but also assist in creating irrigation channels. They can also make it easier for the farmer to develop field boundaries. While working in the dry land, the bund former can help conserve soil moisture.

The bund former tool designed and manufactured by Vishwakarma Agricultural Works comes with the advantage of size adjustment so that the farmers can make the most out of them. Hence, the bund formers created by Vishwakarma Agricultural Works are considered the best in the market.