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Tractor Cultivator

Vishwakarma Agricultural Works designs and produces an extensive line of cultivator that can help with stubble cultivation goals. In this way, it is possible to achieve a mixing of straw and soil so that soil fertility can be increased. The cultivator can help reach greater depths into the soil so that organic fertilizers can be added to it, making it easier for the farmers to imbibe the crop residues into the soil. This cultivator has a 3-row design that allows users to work on fields with plenty of weeds and residues. How the tines are arranged makes it possible to have a proper pulling line.

The reversible cultivator offered by Vishwakarma Agricultural Works are reasonably priced and come with well-designed attachments that deliver consistently good penetration with great mixing. Another advantage of this cultivator is that they offer high-precision depth control even without spanner work. It can help them to achieve better mixing of the soil. These cultivators are ideal for the crumbling and the re-consolidation of the soil. With these units, it is possible to achieve uniform distribution of the residues.