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The Best tractor-mounted agricultural equipments

Vishwakarma Agricultural Works have been manufacturing tractor-mounted agricultural equipments for 40 years gaining the reputation of being the most trusted market leader in the industry. Employing advanced technology and reliable = production systems, Vishwakarma Agricultural Works is dedicated to make only the best, most superlative farming machinery for upgrading the future of agriculture.

Established in 1980 by Late Shree Chaturbhai Keshavial Gajjar and still family-owned today, Vishwakarma Agricultural Works has been at the forefront of tractor-mounted agricultural machinery design, utilizing the latest technology in common use. The visionary founder Mr. Chaturbhai’s objective was clear – to elevate the lives of farmers by making the most innovative and durable farming machinery easily accessible to them. Today, his magnanimous legacy is upheld by his sons, Mr. Nandubhai Gajjar, Mr. Vasudevbhai Gajjar and Mr. Vinodbhai Gajjar.

With over 4 decades of diligence and quality, Vishwakarma Agricultural Works have developed firm links within the agricultural community and are now the preferred choice for many in the industry, locally as well as internationally. Be it soil cultivation, ploughing, seed bed-making, or land levelling, whatever is the requirement, Vishwakarma Agricultural Works offers an impressive array of products to suit the customer’s needs.


To be the most reliable and competent agriculture equipment manufacturer with a farmer-friendly approach. We aim to create a high-yielding agricultural environment by putting the needs of the farmers first and empowering them with innovative agro-solutions.


Our mission is to reduce the time and labour gap between production and sales of agro-products, while also being focused on the environmental impact of agriculture. We are working towards manufacturing the most efficient ond technologically-driven farming equipment that will ensure optimum returns for farmers, at a practical cost.

Agriculture Matters to the Future of Development

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